Sample Lesson Plan

Week 3/Class 6

Class Preparation

  • Gather supplies and set up circuit
  • Check glucose supplies
  • Gather and prepare copies of handout materials

DEP Class Instruction

  • Greet students and facilitate check-in procedures
  • Preexercise glucose check
  • Collect Independent Exercise Logs for review before next class
  • Group participants and direct them to warm-up stations

DEP Circuit

  • Complete entire circuit at the durations listed in DEP circuit protocol
  • Monitor technique on the strength intervals and make corrections and modifications as needed
  • Monitor equipment used for cardio stations and make corrections and modifications as needed
  • Check RPE and HR


  • Encourage participants to complete their independent exercise session
  • Discuss glucose readings pre- and postclass, distribute hypoglycemia hand out, and discuss
  • participants’ experiences and symptoms of hypoglycemia

Checkout and Wrap-Up

  • Conduct postexercise blood glucose check
  • Gather and file exercise logs
  • Remind participants of next class day

Postclass administration

  • Review exercise logs
  • Make any notes to individual participants for their files