Program Overview

The MoveWell Today® (MWT) Diabetes Exercise Program (DEP) is a licensed physical activity intervention program for diabetes prevention and self-management. The program is designed to be used in a variety of facilities, including hospitals, health clinics, health clubs, medical fitness centers, senior living facilities, and community recreation facilities.

The MoveWell Today® Diabetes Exercise Program offers two intervention protocols: health club and field facility. Both protocols adhere to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and American Diabetes Association (ADA) guidelines for aerobic exercise and resistance training for the diabetic population. The program is suitable for individuals who are at risk for type 2 diabetes, who are
prediabetic, or who have a clinical diagnosis of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Both MWT Diabetes Exercise Program protocols include:

• 12-week cardiovascular/resistance training circuit designed for group instruction
• Two circuit training classes and one independent exercise session weekly
• Pre- and postexercise glucose checks at each exercise session
• Program pre- and post-HbA1c outcomes
• Individualized participant orientation and exercise prescription
• Introductory physical activity program for the lifetime management of diabetes
• Instruction by a nationally certified fitness professional

The health club protocol is designed to use the cardio and resistance training equipment found in typical health clubs, cardiac rehabilitation centers, physical therapy gyms, and community-based recreation and fitness facilities. The field facility protocol is a portable program that uses small portable equipment and is designed to meet in multipurpose rooms, community centers, meeting rooms, and studio group exercise rooms. This format is ideal for class sites at hospitals, health clinics, parks and recreation facilities, and residential community centers.

The MWT Diabetes Exercise Program is modeled after the 12-week outcome-based Diabetes Exercise and Education Program (DEEP) that was developed and implemented by Partners Health Plan of Arizona in collaboration with the Tucson Medical Center. The major evidence of interest from DEEP was an improvement in HbA1c levels in the program’s participants. Statistically significant improvements were found in decreased HbA1c levels (7.8%), reduced body composition (6.5%), and improved perceived mental health as measured by the SF36 (10.3%) (Coyle and Whitlatch 1998).

The MWT Diabetes Exercise Program was developed to meet the growing need for cost effective and appropriate physical activity intervention programming for the prediabetic and diabetic population and to train qualified fitness and wellness professionals to work with individuals with type 2 diabetes mellitus. The American College of Sports Medicine’s Exercise has approved the MoveWell Today Diabetes Exercise Program as one of its first Physical Activity Intervention programs. The MWT Diabetes Exercise Program Physical Activity Intervention: Implementation Manual provides instruction for setting up, implementing, and evaluating the health club protocol and includes all program forms and participant handouts.