Program Includes

  • 12-week cardio/resistance exercise circuit designed for group instruction
  • Individualized participant orientation and exercise prescription
  • Pre- and post- exercise glucose checks each class
  • Program Pre- and post-HbA1c outcomes
  • Physical activity programming for lifetime management of diabetes
  • Instruction by nationally certified fitness instructors

Program Benefits

  • Innovative medical fitness and personal training revenue center
  • Tie-in to the healthcare provider referral network
  • Outreach to new clinically related market and membership demographic
  • Career ladder and professional development opportunities for staff
  • Added value for customers and members

Licensees Receive

  • Complete program materials (instructor training and program implementation materials)
  • Annual outcomes report
  • Telephone and email support
  • Listing in the MoveWell Today® partner directory
  • Use of the MoveWell Today® Diabetes Exercise Program logo